1-PROGRAMS - The Indian Wheel Gymnastics Federation-IWGF , it is a real National Governing organization of Wheel Gymnastics who guarantees annual National Championships

2-LOYALITY and FRIENDSHIP - IWGF guarantees absolute loyalty versus our partners in other States. No Association other than yours will be officially accepted. Also IWGF guarantees comradeship between its members in hope that IWGF may contribute to a better understanding and peace between States.

3-MODERN and TRADITIONAL - IWGF give a chance to every Wheel Gymnastics Athletes to choose his way of training. IWGF is working for the both aspects of Wheel Gymnastics by organizing sport tournaments as well as by preserving Wheel Gymnastics as a sport’s carrier.

4-QUALITY - IWGF guarantees well-organized sport championships and Wheel Gymnastics seminars as well. Our Judges are continuously educated and tested.

5-FEE - IWGF guarantees a fair annual fee for each participating State which is very low fee.

6-DEMOCRACY and RESPECT - IWGF guarantees an absolute democratic management. Decisions of the general-meeting are undisputable and will be executed by the executive-committee. Also IWGF respect among its members and tolerance between them. There is no discrimination between races, political opinions or religions.

7-LIBERTY - IWGF does not interfere with your local sports politics, with the affairs of your local organizations, or with your style of training and practicing Mountain Running.

8-GOAL - IWGF give to all Mountains running a goal by having the chance to use and to verify their skills in tournaments using rules appropriate to the rule of WMRA (World Wheel Gymnastics Association).

9-TRUST - by using Wheel Gymnastics techniques in tournaments respecting strictly rules close to Wheel Gymnastics training, all Athletes will have a real opportunity to put in practice their knowledge’s and their physical condition. In this way they will train their mental and emotional system also, by attending and winning tournaments you’ll learn to trust in yourself.

10-OLIMPIC SPIRIT - IWGF is the first and the only sport Wheel Gymnastics organization in India organized in the way of respecting the NOC-India rules and spirit.




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