The INDIAN WHEEL GYMNASTICS FEDERATION simply known as the IWGF is the governing body of Association for Wheel Gymnastics in India. Formed in 2019 at Agartala, Tripura, India (North Eastern region of India), and the jurisdiction of IWGF only the entire country of INDIA... more

WHEEL GYMNASTICS - Remember the German wheel, the two-ringed "hamster wheel" also known as the Rhönrad. It turns out that the playful athletic device first built by Otto Feick in the 1920s still has an ardent following. Starting as early as 1960.

The International Wheel Gymnastics Federation (IRV) was founded in 1995 to continue the German tradition of competitive wheeled acrobatics. For the German Wheel, there are three competitive gymnastic disciplines . In straight line competition, the gymnasts roll their wheels back and forth along a straight line while executing complicated inversions and rolls... more



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